Licensed and Insured Private Impound Towing Services in Hillside, IL

Take Care of Unauthorized Vehicles The Professional Way

Honest Private Impound Towing Has Returned To Hillside, IL

Safeguard is here to provide you with the service you deserve.  An honest company that believes in providing exceptional service for you, the property owner. Being reliable and available at any time means a quick arrival and the ability to remove illegally parked and unauthorized vehicles from your property so your tenants or customers can park with ease. No more cars in private spaces or taking up precious customer parking. Safeguard has all of the latest towing equipment and dispatching equipment. You will never get an answering machine. We have live dispatchers in our office 24/7.

Private Impound Towing Services Available 24 Hours A Day

You probably know the frustrating feeling that comes with an inconvenient parking occurrence. Perhaps someone’s parked in your reserved spot or there’s an abandoned vehicle that’s become an eyesore in your complex. Call us to relocate illegally parked vehicles at no charge to you. We purchase junk vehicles with titles and pay top market prices with OEM standard equipment.

  • Private Impound Towing
  • Private Property Impounds
  • Junk Car Removal
  • Unauthorized Vehicle Relocation
  • Parking Management Services

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